The Mission

Surf North Korea was dreamt up by an international group of surfers and explorers seeking the next frontier in travel and adventure.

One late night spent trawling through satellite imagery of remote coastlines turned up a startling discovery – a hidden gem. Images of the DPRK’s coastline revealed mile upon mile of pristine, untouched beaches punctuated by epic sets of waves.

Surf North Korea was born.

This was only the beginning. The quest for the next awesome spot evolved into something even bigger. Inspired and connected by the idea that surfing is a gift to be shared and promoted around the world, the Surf North Korea team realised that the project held even greater potential to catalyse dialogue and promote peace between nations.

In 2015, the team started making enquiries and chasing leads in an attempt to secure access to the world’s most isolated country. What followed was a legendary journey of discovery culminating in the formation of new friendships which transcend borders and the making of surfing memories to last a lifetime.

Now, Surf North Korea’s mission is to offer all globetrotters and surfers an unparalleled travel experience.

The Team

Andrea Lee

Andrea is the co-founder and CEO of Uri Tours, a global provider of DPRK travel with over 15 years of experience designing custom packages to North Korea. As a Korean-American, Andrea's been to North Korea over 100 times and brings a unique perspective to the Surf North Korea project. In a previous life, Andrea was a corporate lawyer on Wall Street before she left to pursue a life of travel, exploration and entrepreneurship. You can usually find her somewhere in Pyongyang, Shanghai or New York.


Nik Zanella

Nik is the resident surf instructor at Surf North Korea. In addition to being the current coach of the Chinese national surf team, he’s an International Surf Association course presenter, a surf consultant, an acclaimed surf explorer and an all-around awesome dude. Nik has surfed all throughout the world, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region (even completed the first mapping project of the entire Chinese coastline!), and can give lessons in English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and soon in Korean!