Welcome to the Majon Surf School, the first surf school in North Korea! Our lead instructor, Nik Zanella, certified ISA course presenter and coach of the Chinese National Team, will take care of the didactics, with lessons tailored for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. We also have a competent team of local North Korean surfers who will make your experience unique and cultural. Upon request, one of our staff will film your wave-riding throughout your entire session; afterwards, you can review the footage with your instructor.



Learn surfing or fine-tune your skills at our surf school! Located in the beautiful Majon bay, just in front of the Majon Hotel, our base has direct access to three pristine breaks, including the high quality right-hand point called Crystals.


Conditions: 30 to 100cm waves.  Beachbreak.

Objective: Enjoy your first waves in a fun, safe and stress-free 90-minute lesson. Thanks to our expertise and gear selection (soft-top longboards and SUPs), we guarantee 100% stand up ratio from day one.  Our instructors will guide you through the basics of wave-riding: paddling, push-ups, eskimo rolls and take offs. We also focus on wave selection techniques and positioning in the line-up, giving beginners all the tools they need to progress in the sport.


Conditions: 30 to 150cm waves.  Beachbreak and/or pointbreak.

Objective: This training is conceived for surfers with 1-2 years of experience that already can cut across the unbroken face of the wave and want to improve their basic skills.  During the lessons we focus on the basics of “good surfing” such as bottom turns, frontside and backside cutbacks, top turns and cross-stepping.  Instruction is also given on wave-riding and positioning techniques and on the soft skills needed to reduce the learning curve.  Sessions last 60-90 minutes and involve the use of high quality hard-top longboards.


Conditions: 80 to 150cm waves.  Beachbreak and/or pointbreak.

Objective: This training is conceived for surfers that want to start riding shorter boards and perform more radical maneuvers in bigger, steeper waves.  During the lessons we focus on the basics of shortboarding such as bottom turns, producing speed, frontside and backside turns and wave reading techniques.  Sessions last 60-90 minutes.

Equipment: We generally use clients’ own shortboards for these lessons, but shortboards are available for those without their own.


Conditions: 30 to 150cm waves.  Beachbreak and/or pointbreak

Objective: This exclusive training is intended for surfers with 3-5 years of experience who can already perform basic bottom turns and top turns but want to improve their style and skills, soft and hard.  Drop-knee bottom turns, frontside and backside radical cutbacks, cross-step and nose-riding are just some of the tricks our lead instructor will introduce and teach.  This is a day-long course but can be held across as many as 3 days.  Included in each day’s training is analysis and explanation of weather forecasts and how to decide on the most appropriate surf spot in the area.


We use state-of-the-art longboards, both traditional (single fin, 50/50 rails) and high performance (thruster, hard rail) from top class brands such as Santa Cruz and Stuart. All boards are also available for rental.

Events and Media

Thanks to years of experience in this field and the exclusive use of two surf spots (Christals and Flowers), we can organize corporate events such as competitions, team-building trainings, and surf-related activities.