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Stand-up paddle boarding is latest worldwide craze, with increasing numbers of water sports fans converting from surfing to SUP’ing as well as beginners getting their first taste of the open water on a stand-up paddle board. Best of all, it’s easier to learn than you think, cheaper than expected and (most importantly) a lot of fun!

Still not convinced? Read on to find out the seven reasons why you give it a go…

1) It’s a bit like surfing…

…But not as hard. With SUP’ing, what you see is what you get: you stand on a conventional surfboard (albeit a large one) and move around with a long-handled single paddle. Easy!

2) It’s easy to learn

Unlike surfing which can take many hours of drinking saltwater, tumbling and getting battered by the occasional beach break monster wave, stand-up paddle boarding is far easier to pick up. The most challenging aspect is learning how to stand. We reckon about two hours with one of our instructors and you will be up and paddling with confidence. Once you have mastered the standing, the limit is your imagination.

3) It’s surprisingly serene

Stand-up paddling can be less about shredding and more about enjoying the view. Gliding across the water can be enormously relaxing.

4) But It’s easily adaptable

Having said that, if you want to kick things up a notch, decent SUPS (for example those made by Fanatic) are versatile enough to handle wild conditions.

5) It has some serious heritage

For a supposedly recent craze, stand-up paddle boarding has been around for a long time. Despite originating in Africa thousands of years ago and becoming popular in Hawaii during the 1960s, today’s boards come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Nowadays, inflatable SUPs are good enough to compete with traditional hardboards – saving you all-important suitcase space!

6) No swell doesn’t mean no fun

You’ve planned your trip down to the smallest detail months in advance, studied the swell charts; everything is set. You fly 12 hours, fight off eye-watering jet lag to finally arrive at the beach. Instead of glassy sets, an enormous, flat pond stretches before you…This is every surfer’s nightmare.

What to do? Grab a SUP and make your way to the nearest lake or river for a different kind of aquatic adventure. Even on the flattest days at Majon beach our staff will take you to visit unspoiled and picturesque lakes, rivers and tributaries.

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This could be you! The DPRK has unspoiled lakes and rivers waiting for you to explore.

7) It’s the world’s fastest-growing watersport

And yet it’s also new enough to have a dedicated, enthusiastic community. Get into stand-up paddle boarding now and you’ll not only have great fun, but become part of the vanguard of a whole new craze.

Hopefully these seven reasons have given you a good enough reason to consider booking a trip with Surf North Korea. We have high quality SUPs and surfboards along with professionally qualified surf instructors. Meet locals and other travellers at one of the most exotic and unexplored locations on the planet. Click here for details and booking options on our next trip.